Rmeileh Stunning Scenery


The villas command breathtaking views of the Mediterranean to the west and the city to the south. Crystal clear water and a serene atmosphere, Rmeileh has become a very desirable area in the past years, arguably the most desirable district on the Lebanese coast, with its wealthy greenery and bird friendly environment.

Eco/friendly Environment


The villas are surrounded with wide, open and manicured parks. Circulated with an animal/ eco-friendly ambiance along with its bike lanes that open doors to a new modern lifestyle.

25Kilometers to Downtown Beirut

1Kilometer to the beach

18Kilometers to the Airport

3Kilometers to the neartest schools

1Kilometer to Restaurants & Resorts

Escape Chaos

No matter what your lifestyle or occupation, nothing can really stop you when you're allowing yourself to be exactly where you need to be; Your escape zone..

The Villas

Consisting of 70 residential villas varying in areas, each villa is accessed by its own spacious vestibule featuring its own space and parking lot.

Frequently Asked Question

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Where is ESCAPE?

Escape is located at 1.0km from Rmeileh Beach and Resorts, between the city of Saida and the city of Beirut.

Staunch Real Estate is the developer and owner of the project.

The nearby schools are Makased school, QALAA school, IMAN school, American school and Bahaa el dine Hariri which are within 3 to 5 km.

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